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Welcome To Campuspro

Campuspro is cloud based ERP and it support latest technology like online payment gateway, mobile app, sms, email notification solution for educational Institutions. Campuspro ERP empowers the institution in achieving higher efficiency in operations, effective management, and better coordination by providing accurate and relevant information 24*7. It leads to them enhancing, efficiency and productivity. We provide tailor-made solutions to meet every requirement according to your needs.

Services of Campuspro

Student Information

  1. Two Modes of Admission
    1. Registration Admission
    2. Direct Admission
  2. Document issued to students likecharacter certificate, provisional certificate, rural certificate , DOB certificate, transfer certificate and it fee certificate.
  3. Student Document Management
  4. Student Attendance
  5. Student Details
  6. Allot Admission and Roll number
  7. Id Card / Bus Pass

Fee & Account

  1. Provide fully flexible fee module for single/ with sibling.
  2. Daily Account Closing, SMS to management regrading closing balance.
  3. Unique ID password to different users.
  4. Password authentication on all accounts related modifications.
  5. Online fee collection and Balance Fee reminder.
  6. Cheque confirm / bounce notice.


  1. Total vehicle expense report including fuel and services expenses.
  2. Vehicle Routes / Area / Stop detail.
  3. Vehicle bus request/ allotment.
  4. Can send SMS to students of specific bus no.
  5. Reminder for R.T.O pollution and insurance.
  6. Report of vehicles which are giving average less than standard average.

Exam Management

  1. CBSE Regional Board compatible examination management system.
  2. Facility to Export / Import marks through excel-sheets.
  3. Option of sending exam / test marks details to Guardian via SMS.
  4. Defining exams schedule / date sheets and SMS to parents.
  5. Analysis for class wise result and teacher wise result.
  6. Report card / result sheet generation.

Front Office Management

  1. Visitor's entry time, date, name, address and purpose of visit.
  2. Gate-pass issued to student having all the necessary information like visitor's name and relation with student, mobile no. and address with visitor's photograph.
  3. Routes / Area / Stop detail.
  4. Enquiry report saves the name of the outsider who came to enquire about someone or looking for prospectus.


  1. Online Class, teacher can create online class for student.
  2. Send a common SMS to employees, students or house wise students and address book.
  3. Can send homework, date sheet as well as marks to students via SMS.
  4. Schools inform parents quickly of injuries or illness and advice parents or guardians of students requiring early collection.





App Users


Years of Experience

Campuspro Android Application


Campuspro provides high security to your data. Clients don't have any need to worry about their organizations data . because it store in best server

User Friendly

Campus pro is a User friendly Application. Parents can pay their children online fee using our Application. Parents can see their child attendance, performance ,homework any many other actvities

High Speed Performance

The quality code and minifying is what makes the theme work on high-speed performance.

Email or SMS

Application is integrated with sms and email gateways.These message are also scheduled and triggered on events like: instant fee acknowledgements,fee due reminders,daily birthday wishes etc.

Track Progress

Parents can track the progress of their child with detailed analytics and know where he/she needs to improve. Moreover, parents check the progress through the year-by-year graph that helps them to keep an eye on their child.

Online Payment

'Campuspro' provides a feature of Online Payment of Fee. Parents can easily pay Fee from Anywhere .It is a very time saving feature in our Application

Push Notifications

Parents will get important updates and notifications about upcoming events, exam schedule, courses and syllabus, and an important announcement. Real-time updates will be sent to all the parents and students.

Private Messaging

Parents can have a one-to-one chat with teachers and school authorities to discuss their child’s performance and exam updates or results. It is an instant communication tool for parents and teachers.

Parents Dashboard

Parents / Students can login to view basic information, Daily Homework, Exam Marks, Attendance Status, Online Fee Payment by Campuspro - Debit Card / Net Banking, School calender, Communication with teachers etc.

Employee Dashboard

Employee can log in to view the basic details, Notice-Board, Mark attendance of students, Student / Management communication, attendance status and salary details,exams marks entry,easily communicate with parents etc.

Management Dashboard

Daily / Monthly fee Collection detail, Day closing, Pending fee details, Notice-Board, Class / Employee wise attendance status, Bill approval Send SMS to Students / Employee etc.It saves a lot of time of the school authorities.

App Manager

App Manager manage Notice Board, Add homework, Add downloads, Set links, Send SMS , Manage calender mark attendance, bill approval, day closing, maintain student performance report,check Exam marks entry etc.

Leave Application

Campuspro provides a features of Leave Application for both students and Teachers. If Students wants leave then they apply leave to their teacher and if Teacher wants a leave then he/she apply to App Manager for Leave.

Exam Details

Campuspro provides a features of Exam Details for Student. Students Can check their exam details on Student dashboard.

Online Class

Campuspro provides a features of Online Class for Student. Students can attend online class and teachers can create there online class.




Company Location
Arcadia, 811, South City II, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Mail us for more details
Call us for more details
Call us for more details