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School mobile apps developed by CampusPro provide role-based user login to perform their required action. It makes school administration smoother with the help of modern-day technology. Our mobile app is seamless, robust, and user-friendly which helps in education carried beyond the classroom. It allows students and teachers to learn from anywhere at any time.

Campuspro provides role-based users with the integration of required functions.

Campuspro has developed one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly school ERP software which helps the school to manage administrative tasks in the most effective manner, Connecting all the stakeholders, and departments of the school in a single place. Campuspro School ERP provides the best solution for fee management as well as employee's payroll systems.

Schools can use this application also for inventory management of various products.

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Are you disturbed and getting confused about how to manage school’s tedious work?
Don’t worry, we will make all things easy and simple for you by campus pro School ERP.

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Front Office

Campuspro fully secures all information via OTP/ ID card/ Photo for the visitors along with digital gate pass for students and staff.

Online Admission Enqury

Schools are facing lots of problems in managing admission enquirers. No needs to worry campuspro ERP maintains all your offline online enquirers and never lets you miss any potential lead. Ours follow–up module maintains single information of inquiry and gets you updated by notification, SMS, and emails.


CampusPro School ERP allows admission/registration from any place in the world. A parent only needs to fill in the necessary details of the child and automatically form will be submitted to the school admission office. Then school management sorts out the selection of the student accordingly.

Student Master Data

Campuspro School ERP provides several types of student information report that helps the school to analyze their students on many aspects like class-wise, area-wise, transport-wise, village-wise, and many more.

Student Attendance

CampusPro School ERP helps the school to digitally mark attendance and store attendance data. Parents are immediately notified if their child was absent from school. Parents can easily apply for a leave for their child without any hassle. Our reputed School ERP generates systematic daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance reports and also period wise, and subject wise attendance reports which are easily accessed by teachers, principals, coordinators, and parents.


Campuspro helps you to manage all documents of students and issue all types of documents like character certificates, provisional certificates, DOB certificates, transfer certificates with a single click.

Fee Collection

Campuspro School ERP helps schools to collect fees through offline, online and cheques processes and helps in maintaining a proper database for each and every transaction. This module is directly integrated with finance accounting which helps school to track its funds. We integrated multiple payment gateways to help schools collect fees through online payments which are directly transferred to their bank account. It sent regular notifications and SMS to parents each and every transaction and sent due fee, late fee and other fees remainder which parents to save extra charges.


Campuspro School ERP software helps the school in maintaining all the finance-related activities of the school accurately and effortlessly. Being reputed school ERP software in India, We have been blessed to work with financial experts and schools to provide one of the best financial solutions designed for the school.

Student Wallet

With student wallet, student no longer need to carry cash for school fees and purchases. Student wallet allows parents to authorize virtual credit payment for school related purchases Such as art support, bookstore materials, snacks and cafeteria. While the students can freely roam their own campus and school event spending money from student wallets. But authorized credit cannot be converted to cash.

HR & Payroll Management

Campuspro School ERP helps schools to maintain a complete profile of every employee from appointment to salary in the account. Further, it helps in generating accurate income tax reports for tax filing purposes. It also provides an ECR report which helps in maintaining exact for the amount transferred in the provident fund which can be uploaded on EPFO websites. Campuspro School ERP helps schools to maintain a complete profile of every employee from appointment to left the organization.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory via CampusPro ERP allows automating every process- whether inventory, Asset, also tell how much of the items are present and how much we will need. Our recognized school ERP helps to maintain a record for each item that is present in the school. Maintains all inventory records by arranging away.

Healthcare Management

The physical and mental fitness of students is very important for parents and school. Schools take many health-related measures but it is very tough to manage these records accurately and compiling them correctly. Campuspro School ERP helps the school in maintaining a detailed record of the students including medical history, Body Mass Index calculation, and vaccination records along with remainders regarding vaccination.

Transport Management

This module offers a government-compliant student security transport management system. Campuspro integration two types of tracking vehicles Direct GPS system and Mobile IMI facility. This module keeps records/data of the driver, vehicle live routes and previous details summary. If the bus has been delayed, SMS alerts parents. Left vehicle flexible facility and RTO pollution/ passing/ insurance reminder. Vehicle report including fuel, giving average less than standard average and service expenses.

  • - Two Type of Integration for tracking vehicles
  • - Direct GPS System
  • - Mobile IMI Facility
  • - Live pickup & drop status (on time Pickup& drop Status)
  • - Left vehicle flexible facility
  • - RTO Passing
  • - Vehicles route live and previous details Summary

Exam/Result Analysis

CampusPro declares the result only after scrutinizing the exam with the utmost care, which is very pleasant for the future of the children, checked by the criteria of the six sigma, in which there is no room for mistakes. Our module is user-friendly and highly compatible with CBSE, CISCE, IB, and IGCSE Boards.


Communication between parents and school plays the important role in the holistic development of the student. Any communication gap may lead to confusion. That is easily avoided and prevented by directly communicate with teachers, principals, and parents.

Directly communicate with teachers, principals and management regarding any complaint suggestion issue and get your child’s feedback with a single click.

Hostel Management

Campuspro Hostel module gives all options to manage your hostel smartly. The Schools can easily allot floors and rooms to the student. The warden is given details information along with the fees of all vacant and allotted rooms and floors. With that schools can manage other important aspects like complaints, daily inspection, attendance, parents visiting log, gate pass report, and meal arrangement.

Library Management

The library is the soul of any school because it is the ocean of knowledge for teachers, students, and the school on the whole. It helps the school to keep different libraries for teachers and students. Manage every book record and maintain all types of reports that help management to know all library activities.

Online Exams/Tests

Campuspro online exam module never lets you postponed an exam in a pandemic situation. It provides complete module to create, conduct and announce result from anywhere anytime. It also gives you flexibility to conduct any type of exam/test like Multiple, choice, Single choice and Subjective type and you can also create test based on IIT JEE Mains and Advance level, Scholarship test, Olympiad test, Admission test and Teacher eligibility test.

Book Point

Book point is also a special place in this app. if a student has purchased a book, then at the same time, the details of the book will appear along with the details of the students. Such as class, price. Book point gives complete information about whether the book is a shortage or available.

Visitor Management

Campuspro designed the visitor management system for the schools to the visitors or guests. Right from their entrance to exit on the premises keep track of their activities. Operator dashboard for real-time visitor status. Thus, enhanced security is expected to keep track of all the visitors and any equipment or material they are carrying.

Biometric Employee Attendance

We integrate biometric devices in campuspro which mark employees’ attendance automatically in a fraction of time. Which makes the system transparent, error-free, and efficient.


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